Welcome back!!

If you’ve visited Nature’s Water before, welcome back! If you’ve never been here before, Welcome!!

If you’re returning, we hope you like the new look of the gateway to Nature’s Water. We have been doing a lot of things since we worked a lot on the site before, many of which we can share here. We’ve done a lot of traveling in our RV, with trips fitted in around our water garden and yard activities.

We are both retired now, but definitely not retiring! We still follow the Colorado Water Garden Society’s activities, but we are no longer active. Honorary Life Membership gives you that right, doesn’t it? We have replaced our activities with CWGS with a 6-year-old grandson. If you’re a grandparent, you know what kind of time that takes. If you have several grandchildren, I really feel for you.

As we go along, we have lots of pictures to share, lots of advice, and lots of opinions. Updates will be on an as-time-permits basis, so bear with us. Sign up for an RSS feed and keep track of us that way.

That’s all I’ve got right now. Still have some tweaks to do with the website and our files to feed it. Thanks for stopping by…..