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Green Ponds: B.E.S.T. Plants for Ponds

Tips on Buying Plants
Planting Plants
BEST Plants
Hardy vs. Tropical, Annual vs. Tropical
Hardy Emergent Marginals – Blooming
Hardy Emergent Marginals – Non-Blooming
Trees & Schrubs for the Pond
Surface Floating Plants
Tropical Plants
Bog Plants
Submerged Plants
Plants for Shade


Above-Ground Water Gardens

Why An Above-Ground Pond?
Why Not?
If I Had It To Do Again….
Your Goal….
Can You Achieve That Goal?
Advantages of Pre-Made Kits
Disadvantages of Kits
Copy An Idea
Pre-Formed Ponds
Step-by-Step Samples
Let’s Build a Pond


Introduction to Water Gardening
(Water Gardening 101)

Samples of all shapes, sizes and designs of water gardens
Water GardeningTerminology
Options – Freeformed, pre-formed, containers, fountains
Containers & Fountains
Plants for Water Gardens
Wildlife In and Around the Pond
Water Conservation & Water Gardening


Container Water Gardens & Fountains

Designs for Water Features are Endless
Can be used to: - Provide Accent, Formalize an Area, Add Atmosphere, Define a Space,
Direct Traffic
Determine The Purpose – Select Colors, Purchase Materials
Not All Pots Are Equal – Dark Pots Heat More, Large Pots Have Fewer Temperature
 Swings, Wider Pots Hold More Plants, Some Have Holes, Sealing Holes, Sealing Terra Cotta Pots
Planning A Design – Focal Point, Placement, Set-Up, Planting
Plants for the Container Water Garden
Disappearing Fountains


Ponds & Conservation
(Drought & Ponds: Conservation Tips
for the Pond Owner)

Oxymorons – Xeric Pondscape, Pond Plants for Drought, Water Saving Tips for Ponds
Pond Critters
Enhance Your Health
The Water Cycle
How To Choose Plants
Wind & Evaporation
Conservation Around the Pond
Prevent Water Loss in the Pond
Supplemental Oxygen for Fish
Smart Pond Design