Build a Patio with Pavers

First, decide where your patio is going to be, and how large it will be. Pavers like the ones we used are about a foot square. Use that to determine how many pavers you will need.
We used a variety of shapes, and some of the designs were ones we had made. Different colors add some interest, as well.
After you have a basic layout in mind, finish preparing your hole. The depth should be the same as the deepest paver you have, to allow for a flush surface from lawn to patio.
We opted for a quasi-formal layout. Put a layer of sand in the hole before you begin placing the pavers. Leave a space between the pavers - you will fill that with sand before you finish.
In our case, the only problem we really had was HOW we wanted to place the center stones. We had colors, shapes and designs to spread around for variety. Plain pavers would fix that.
We later went back and planted thyme and other groundcovers on the patio. Some grow faster than others, some fill in better than others. You'll just have to experiment. Good luck - have fun!