Just got back from the IWGS Symposium

We just back from the 2010 International Water Garden Society (IWGS) Symposium in San Angelo, Texas. It was fun to see old and new friends, meet people from nearly a dozen countries, and share an interest in water gardens and water plants.

The highlight of the Symposium had to be the International Waterlily Collection, housed in San Angelo and very capably managed by Ken Landon, world-famous lily hybridizer. He is only able to display a small percentage of his collection each year, but it was still spectacular!

We also took a few days beforehand and a couple days after to visit some other noteworthy places in the West. You can see everything at this address. A few pictures will be replaced and the sets will be expanded as things are collected from the SECOND photographer. We wanted to get some things up quickly to whet your appetites.

FYI - Our last post promised to expand the visuals on the site. We are almost done and will upload soon. Thanks for your patience. Since our last post, we’ve also spent 10 days in Hawaii (5 days each on Oahu and the Big Island). Those pictures are posted now at the address above.

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