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Hello, everyone….

It looks like we’ve been neglecting the site, but really we’ve been pulling information (especially photographs) together from a variety of hard drives and beginning to compile them for inclusion on the site. We also have a lot of video we need to do something with.

You will notice several NEW items on the home page. We are happy to debut our new ZenPhoto gallery. It works so much “slicker” than the older CopperMine gallery we have been using.

We’ve also included a link to a new .pdf publication available from Dr. Whitney Cranshaw, Entomology Professor at Colorado State University. Whitney worked with several members of the Colorado Water Garden Society (CWGS) the past few years to identify the bugs and insects we find in our water gardens. The book is a draft of the final product. You may also order a printed copy for your library.

At the 25th Anniversary celebration of CWGS last year, I presented a display of the edible water plants we have in our gardens and provided samples for consumption. All the details about harvesting, preparing and, especially, safely using the plants are included. We are not responsible for any use or misuse of the plants, and we used the best information available at the time.

As we pull things together, we will get them online as quickly as possible. We have a tremendous assortment of water plants and marginals, photographed in our own garden as well as dozens of others, that will be available for viewing. We have also visited several growers, nurseries and gardens as we’ve traveled the past decade, and those photos will be displayed in our gallery, as well. This Spring we will be heading to Hawaii for 10 days, and intend to take hundreds of photos and hours of video there.

Keep checking back and, as ever, we would like to see your gardens and discuss water gardening with you. We might be able to solve some problems along the way and make your gardening efforts seem less like work.

Until next time,


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