Ponds and Gardens Should be Nearing Their Peak

We continue to receive a few newsletters from other water garden societies, and July appears to be the month for each society to sponsor a pond tour, usually as a fundraising and membership building activity. One or two do it in August, a couple wait until September, but July should be the peak time for most of your plants.
We haven’t had a Lotus bloom, yet, but we have several aerial leaves on our large lotus, and good growth on a miniature in an in-ground pot in the front yard. The large lotus, a “Mrs. Perry D. Slocum”, is in an in-ground pond about three feet across and a foot deep.

We have consented (relented?) to be on the Colorado Water Garden Society tour this year and, at this writing, have just over two weeks to finalize our work. Yesterday we took the rest of the plants out of the sunroom and are beginning to harden them off. We have been planting for the past three weeks, anyway, but the tour makes it more incumbent on us to look better than usual.

We have been doing a lot of construction this year - expanding and building a new Japanese garden, finally ringing our large ponds with a breeze walkway, removing a large grape vine and arbor that was beginning to sag, and basic home maintenance activities.

Needless to say, everything else in the yard and ponds are nearing their peak, as yours should be. The goal of every water gardener, or terrestrial gardener for that matter, is to be near “tour quality” by this time each year. Your hardest work should almost be behind you and, as I pointed out last time, this is the time of year to enjoy your ponds and gardens, knowing it’s mostly downhill from here.

It’s also evident at the garden centers and big box stores that the planting season is going away, although we still have plants to get in the ground. The choice of plants is greatly reduced, the quality is diminished, and a lot of plants are on clearance.

The 90-degree plus days we’ve had since Summer began last week will make it difficult to keep everything alive without constant watering, but most plants like the sunshine and heat, as long as they also get the water, too.

We are planning several series of photographs for the gallery, and also have a lot of video to edit. We will be sharing water garden plants, more pictures of the yard (similar to the Pond Tour pictures already online), and a few more projects for water gardeners. We have several different things on video we will provide short snippets of, from koi spawning to more project info.

Stay tuned…..

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