Are You Enjoying Your Pond, Yet??

Strange question, you say? Strange because you built a water garden so you could enjoy it, right? Wasn’t that what all the money you’ve spent was for? Let me explain….

Summer, even early Summer, is the season you should really be enjoying your water garden. Spring is primarily “prep time” for Summer, as Fall isĀ  “prep time” for Winter. Summer is the season you should be able to sit back and enjoy what you’ve built. But are you, really? If not, you’ve probably done something to make your work harder than it should be.

We have enough going on around the yard from Spring through Fall that sometimes it’s hard to remember that ponds don’t need much care right now. As I thought really hard about what we’ve done lately, most of our efforts have been for things around the pond, not IN the pond.

Last year, we finally pulled the plastic cover off the tropical pond about this time, but then had to clean some junk out of the pond we dropped in removing the cover. That led to a quick clean-out of some of the overflow water lettuce and hyacinths we sold to a local nursery. Then Cyndie started rooting around in the pond and found a few lily tubers that had outgrown their pots. These are tasks you can’t really do in the Spring (except for the lilies).

This year, we’ve been working in the yard. We’ve done some pond cleanup, but still have lots of plants to thin, and lots of plants to bring out of our sunroom where they were stored for the winter so they can harden. No, we’re ready to enjoy the pond, yet!

Along the way, we’ve added two fountains in the yard, buried a lotus tub, created new flower beds, removed an ugly grape arbor and replaced it with a small Japanese-style garden, and several other landscaped improvement tasks. We have more trash out for weekly pickup than we’ve had in a long time.

Back to the original thought, whether or not you’re enjoying your water garden. We’re enjoying ours, even though there is still a level of work/maintenance that goes on around them. Repotting the tropicals is the only real job we’ve done in and to the ponds in quite a while, reinforcing their basic lack of need for heavy maintenance this time of year.

What we’ve done OUTSIDE and AROUND the ponds makes our enjoyment of the ponds even sweeter. They look better, fit better into the overall landscape, and draw the same ooh’s and aah’s the entire yard does.
The lesson to be learned here, at least in my mind, is to continue to work on anything that makes the ponds look better, even if this is the season to kind of ignore the ponds themselves! Now go out and enjoy your water gardens with a clear conscience!

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