Dr. Whitney Cranshaw - Colorado State University Pond Insect Study

At a meeting of the Colorado Water Garden Society a few years ago, Dr. Whitney Cranshaw, Professor of Entymology at Colorado State University, presented some of his findings based on a study of several members’ water gardens the previous summer. No one had ever done a comprehensive study of the types of wildlife before, especially the bugs and insects we all find in and around our ponds.

Comprised of three parts - 1) Water Garden Features Determine What You Will Find; 2) Potential Water Garden Insects; and 3) Predators Found in Water Gardens - the presentation was nearly an hour and a half. We have broken the presentation into ten (10) segments, with BOTH video and audio files available. Windows Media Player will play types of files with no problem.

Access the movies and audio files at this address:

Due to the size of the files, download them to your computer Desktop before viewing or listening.

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